Welcome to the VMS product page

The Virtual Music School (VMS) main program was our first product, that’s why our company is named after it.

The VMS is a candy store for songwriters and improvisers. In the VMS you learn all about phrasing in the musical language. The lines you play on your instrument need a direction, a hook, a pattern, or anything that makes it tasteful for the listener, so that he or she can pick it up, digest, sing along or fantasise ahead. And of course those lines together have to tell a story. Chord progressions are in fact also phrases, using patterns and laws that have proven their effectiveness over centuries. The VMS reveals all this in easily manageable chunks.

Similar to the Fundamentals program the VMS is an integrated package. It takes you on a journey that involves all main chapters in harmony, with practical tools for the improviser and songwriter. Each section has elements of theory, example songs, play-alongs, and tunes to analyze. The ear training section has trainers for intervals, triads, seventh chords, scales, basic progressions and dictations. A Rhythm Gym helps you to refine your timing. Your toolkit will grow rapidley, and so will your playing, hearing and writing skills.

See our introductory video here: here.

We also made an animation to illustrate that the VMS offers a roadmap pointing at many more ways than the ‘path of least resistance’ to move through the fascinating forest of harmony. Check it here.

Finally some figures. VMS consists of: