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"The Virtual Music School program lives up to everything it promises. Highly recommended!"
Mark Levine, grammy nominee,
author of "The Jazz Theory Book"

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The VMS in a nutshellThe VMS program presents essentials about melody, harmony and rhythm in a well-organized series of movies, PDFs, mp3s and animations. The VMS includes clear explanations, playable songs to practice with, ear training material, pages to fill in, puzzles to solve, a Rhythm Gym, II-V-I facilities, and more.
It is an integrated package, using multimedia to the max!

For whom? The VMS is for anyone who is interested in the construction of music and in improvisation. You must be able to read music at a reasonable level and a certain level of competence on your instrument is required. Working with the material in the VMS (even if you only play the themes) will enhance your reading, playing and hearing abilities. You can go through the content several times, picking up more and more each time.

Features • Explanatory movies show audio, notes, analyses and scale material simultaneously
• Detailed explanation of musical vocabulary, basic forces and phrasing issues
• Sections covering all main harmonic subjects, each with an affiliated song
• Music is played by excellent musicians, demonstrating many powerful concepts
• Play-along mp3s for all instruments, with dozens of practical exercises
• PDFs with crystal clear summaries, transparent essays and many tips for practicing
• Exercises: Puzzles with Scale Degrees, Tunes to Analyze and Melodies to Harmonize
• Ear training material with intervals, chords, scales, dictations and progressions
• II-V-I facilities and Rhythm Gym available for in-depth training
• Printable workbook for students and teachers helps to stay organized.

Code cracking songs Most of the Sections of the VMS focus on a specific type of chord progression. Each Section has a song that contains practically every possible construction in which it occurs. Various exercises help you crack its code. Once you master such a VMS song, you will be able to handle any other tune containing that particular progression.

VMS in numbers • 47 movies
• 4 hours of video
• 75 exercise pages
• 11 original songs
• 174 ear training mp3s
• Over 70 FAQs with answers
• A glossary with over 70 items
• More than 750 hyper links
• 2 GB data.

Menus and overviews pdf Main menu overview
pdf Setup of Sections
pdf Ear trainer
pdf Movie concept
pdf Navigation tools

  • 376 sightsinging exercises in the Sing What You See trainer
    take me to this trainer • guide me • pdf-manual & setup
  • 1524 play-along melodies in the Play What You Hear trainer
    take me to this trainer • guide me • track information (pdf)
  • 376 dictations in the Write What You Hear trainer
    take me to this trainer • guide me
  • 18 rhythmic exercises on the Play What You See pages
    take me to these pages • guide m
  • learn to recognize intervals and triads in the Harmony Trainer
    take me to this trainer • guide me
  • master your chord symbols with the Chord Memorizer
    take me to this trainer • guide me
  • earn to play in tune with the Intonation Trainer
    take me to this trainer • guide me
  • find all intervals and scales with the Scale Wheel
    show me inside • guide me

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VMS - study music at your own pace with a teacher you can rewind