User comments for the Fundamentals program

Raoul Wirtz, trumpeter from Amsterdam, The Netherlands
The Fundamentals is a very practical and easy accessible method to get acquainted with the essential elements of (improvised) music. I use Fundamentals every day. Especially the exercises are really helpful, and even fun to do. The choice of elements to study and practice, as well as the informative videos makes the Fundamentals an excellent complimentary to my trumpet lessons. I think the Fundamentals is a huge value for my money.

Marieke Samson, alto player from Amsterdam, The Netherlands
I became especially addicted the Play What You Hear trainer, it is really great. It is fun to replay the cute melodies and it helped me a lot in playing on my instrument as if I were using my voice. But I discovered much more material on the DVD that will help me to develop my musical skills. It will keep me occupied and enthusiastic for many hours!

Stelios Chatzikaleas, trumpeter from Thessaloniki, Greece
I've been working with the offbeat exercise from the Play What You See pages. It is terribly confronting, but it really helps. After two weeks of daily surrender to this intensive brainwash, my timing has improved tremendously.

Malon Bakker, singer/songwriter and pianist from Utrecht (NL)
I simply love the Fundamentals DVD. It is made with a lot of patience and the clear information on the DVD helps to grow into music really quick. It is easy and light and challenging and brainbreaking at the same time. The seemingly endless amount of exercises to practice to are an investment that I would deeply recommend. This DVD is just plain good and it works! The cut-out-and-take-along-scalewheel took my heart away and I keep it with me all the time. Thanks, Bart, your effort is a big support!

User comments for the VMS program

Felix Wong, Fremont, California, USA
I was looking for a composition/music theory instruction kit at my local music store, but I couldn't find anything that explained these subjects clearly. Then I found the Virtual Music School. The VMS has a wealth of information. Even the Basic Section has details I hadn't learned in my previous music studies. I especially love the movies that show audio, notations and comments at the same time. There's nothing like it!

Withnold Green, keyboardist and teacher from Trinidad
Virtual Music School's sound quality is stunning, and the instructions are clear and uncomplicated. I often import various play-along tracks into my sequencing program to record my own or my students solos or compings via MIDI or audio. The VMS provides the tempo of each track, so one can hardly imagine better feedback on timing, pitch and voicings.

Vijay Vijay, pianist and composer from Andhra Pradesh, India
VMS taught me many valuable techniques. It explains predefined melodic shapes with rhythm and direction technique in a very very authenticated visual way. Melodic possibilities over modal scales on a harmonic progression solves my super confusion and now I feel I got more doors opened for music composition. The primary guidelines on phrasing and story telling help me connecting my phrases. Now, I understand where my weak points are when it comes to music composition. This course is like a custom made for my needs. Now, I decided to keep other books I found over internet aside and just rely on VMS and follow the principles you explained. Thank you very much!

Albert van Veenendaal, pianist/teacher from Amsterdam, The Netherlands
The VMS is a magnificent, thorough and in-depth method both for self-study and to support lessons with students. I've used many good methods in my career but what I like so much about VMS, is that it offers a broad perspective combined with to-the-point and powerful instruction. And -very important- it is developed by a musician for musicians, which means it helps students through bottlenecks in a clear and methodical way, with theory and exercises that come from experience.

Mike Holme, pianist from Manchester, UK
I have been looking round for years for a method for Jazz improvisation, finding either books that were too hard or books that simply didn't cover sufficient material. Virtual Music School with its multimedia approach provides an ideal comprehensive learning environment for the beginning to improving improviser. In no time at all it was unlocking secrets for me. It's worth every penny, thoroughly recommended.

Özdemir Kalyoncu, guitarist from Istanbul, Turkey
Virtual Music School has a system. It includes explanation videos, nice backing tracks played by great musicians and exercises for ear training. Important to note that is that VMS is written in a common music language. The information in it is not written from a specific point of view. It should be valid all over the planet. Making music and learning about it should be fun for musicians. VMS doesn't contain useless information and confusing theoretical stuff. It is fun and worth the try!

Marc Durwael, guitarist and teacher from Stevoort-Hasselt, Belgium
I am a very happy and satisfied VMS customer. I especially found the movie about chord symbols (including 9/11/13) very clarifying, and I loved the explanation of cadences and substitutions. VMS has been a revelation to me. Keep up the good work Bart!

Remco Meisner, saxophonist from Nieuw Vennep, The Netherlands
VMS gives a very thorough and complete overview of the way harmonies, chord progressions and rhythms can be handled. It not only tells you what sounds good, but also which things are less desirable and why. It is the most complete package on music education I have seen so far. Chapeau!

Jelle Stoop, trumpeter from Amsterdam, The Netherlands
For the first time in twenty years of trying to improvise I‘m getting the feeling that I understand what I’m doing. To be precise: what I’m doing wrong and what I do right. This is thanks to your method. The combination of an overview of the harmonic system with the systematic practical exercises really helps. For example: your explanation and exercises on Modal Interchange put it into my ears and brain. It was hard work: endless repetitions with the MP3 tracks, but it was worth doing. Thanks!

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