Test Your Level

By clicking here or on the link at the bottom of this page you can see if your basic skills are sufficient for working with the VMS, or if the Fundamentals DVD is better for you at this point.
With this test, those who are preparing for the entrance exam of a conservatory will get a proper insight on their level. We check the quality of your work (right or wrong) as well as your speed.
Required: sheet music paper, writing materials and your instrument.

These are the categories that are tested:

A. Keys and key signatures
B. Scales
C. Transposing
D. Inner hearing
E. Pitch orientation
F. Rhythmic notation
G. Intervals (knowledge)
H. Triads (knowledge)
I. Chord symbols (knowledge)
J. Intervals (hearing)
K. Triads (hearing)
L. Seventh chords (hearing)
M. Instrumental skills
N. Voice control

You'll find these categories on top of the test page. If you move your mouse over the capitals, the name of the category is shown.

If you click the button next test your answers are sent to the result page (top right button), which provides you with an overview. You can always go back to a specific category by clicking in the table or on its capital.
Another option within a category is to calculate your results as you go along. The right answers will appear, along with useful additional information.

At the bottom of the results page you can reset the whole test.

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