Since my latest Flash update the program doesn't work anymore!
Since 2106 the Flash plug-in no longer trusts offline content automatically. On the Mac go to System preferences > Flash (at the bottom of the frame) > Advanced tab > Trusted location settings. Click that last button, then the plus-sign, and add the folder on your hard drive where the VMS-software is located. Firefox and Chrome are browsers that work fine with the Flash movies, but Safari doesn't. Windows users click Start > Settings > Configuration screen > Flash player, and continue in the same way as on the Mac.

Do I need an Internet connection to run the software?
No, you only need the browser program that you normally use to surf the net. Instead of downloading files from websites, your browser picks them up from your harddisk (or DVD). It runs - so to speak - offline.

I see the movies entering the screen but they don't play. What should I do?
Probably your screen space is a little small and the play controls are out of sight. Scroll down a bit or stretch your window, then you'll see the buttons.

Some movies contain so much information...I can't ingest it all at once...
You can stop the movie anywhere with the pause button. This gives you time to study all of the information. You can also scroll back and forth using the controls at the bottom of every movie, or by moving the little triangle.

I want to copy the audio tracks to my iPod. Where are they stored?
In all our programs the content is organized in a consistent way. In many sections and FAQs you'll find pointers which explain you how to do it. This is no rocket science at all!

What should I do with Internet Explorer's Active-X messages on my PC?
These messages are meant to warn you for possible viruses trying to enter your computer. The progrmas do not need the Internet to function. You can either click on the message bar and click on 'Allow Blocked Content' each time, or go to 'Tools > Internet Options > Advanced'. Scroll down to 'Security' and check the box that says 'Allow Active Content to Run in Files on My Computer'. You will need to close and restart your browser.

Do I need a specific version of the Flash Player plug-in?
The software requires Flash version 8 or higher. It is always a good idea to upgrade to the latest version at The vast majority of our customers never experienced any system related problems. Just run the demo on this website and if everything works, your computer is ready. No need to worry about Flash, MegaHerzes or memory because it's all the same architecture. Once it's installed on your hard drive it will only run faster, since there is no download time.