Personal Feedback Service

More and more frequently VMS users are contacting me for personal feedback on their work. The submissions vary from compositions to recorded solos, transcriptions, band recordings, etcetera. During my 20 years of teaching I have analyzed thousands of such matters. A student coming to you with a question is every teacher's goal, it means that he got the message! That's why I decided to add this Personal Feedback Service to the website.

The advice I offer varies from practice suggestions for a specific subject on the DVD(s), possible improvements on your chord progressions or melody, feedback on timing or sound, corrections of transcriptions, solos or songs and even tips on how to improve your band.

We can work by e-mail (mp3, pdf), by YouTube (movies), via Skype or by phone. Together we can come to an agreement on how extensive the information you need is and arrive at an estimate amount of 'Personal Feedback Units' needed to clear things up or I can recommend someone who is better qualified to help you. So if you need advice, contact us.