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The author teaches at Utrecht Conservatory in The Netherlands.
Both DVDs were tested there with dozens of students in the
Jazz & Pop department

The author's personal website:
Bart is also author of the Tipbook music on paper. The original Dutch
version (Tipboek Muziek op papier) was translated into English, Spanish
and Chinese. Read more about this great series for musicians on

Pianist Bert van den Brink made some amazing contributions to the VMS plus a few great grooves to the Fundamentals. His website is worth visiting: listen to his weekly mini concerts on the internet, order his CDs and read about who he played and plays with (quite a respectable list...):

Ton Derksen added his robust tenor sound to several sections of our programs. Ton publishes interesting exercises for saxophone players, and is active as a player, teacher and producer/technician in his own studio:

Virtual Music School supports Instruments4kids. This Dutch project supports various music schools in South Africa by shipping second hand instruments and financing local teachers. A great initiative worth checking out!

Our YouTube Favourites:

Bobby McFerrin singing Ave Maria with the audience

Three year old Jonathan conducts Beethoven 4

Fantastic music machine

Mozart on roller skates

Amazing new art form

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