The updates below are free downloads.Please unzip them and follow the instructions in the included README file in each package.

At the bottom of this page you'll find a few translated items of the VMS, most of them kindly written by foreign students. (1MB)
This update corrects a couple of minor mistakes in the answer pictures, in the starting/ending point of a few mp3s and a problem with the STOP button in the Dutch version of the Write What You Hear trainer. (2MB)
This update corrects a chromatic shift in the Interval section of the Harmony Trainer. The sound of the melodic and harmonic version of a couple of very high intervals differed a semitone.

_______________________ (2MB)
Provides you with CHORDS ONLY pages for 7 VMS-songs. You can use these for notating essential exercises, such as guidetone lines, scales, arpeggios, shapes and solos - without the need of writing the chord symbols yourself. The update also contains an extra glossary item and it fixes some typing mistakes. Only needed for DVDs labeled v. 2008. (28MB):
Contains a new movie and an exercise page about NOTATION:
BASICS > Vocabulary > Explanation > Notation (preview it in the demo by clicking Step inside).
Includes many tips for writing rhythm, accidentals and articulation properly and for reading sixteenths.
Only needed for DVDs labeled v. 2008. (5 MB).
More choruses available for the No Melody play-along of Secondary Thoughts.
Only needed for DVDs labeled v. 2008. (84 k)
Nobody noticed, but the triangles of two major7 chords had disappeared in the page with the Basic rules of tonal harmony.
Only needed for DVDs labeled v. 2008. (24 MB)
The ear training mp3 with Seventh Chords - level 2 now contains two extra chord types: m6 and 6. Thank you Boris Kloek for suggesting this improvement.
Only needed for DVDs labeled v. 2008. (2.3 MB)
This update improves the readability of the small text (e.g. in FAQs and Glossary) and updates the Ear trainer with an option to do the exercises one by one.
Relevant to all versions!

zipPress Kit English (4 MB)

Several pdfs and jpegs with overviews, packshots, etc. for illustrating reviews.

zipPress Kit Nederlands (4 MB)
Dutch version of the press kit.


Translations (VMS only)

Translation of Glossary items.
In this file you'll find all important terms translated into several languages, each in it's own column. Since it's in Excel, deleting the columns you don’t need is easy. If you don't see a column in your own language, feel free to add it and mail it to us!

Translations of actual VMS content material are available below. Underneath each file is the path you can use to store it on your hard drive. Bear in mind that doing so, will replace the original English file. The VMS interface will then link directly to the translated file. If that's not what you want, just store it somewhere else.

Secondary Dominants
The article about Secondary Dominants was translated into Dutch, German, Swedish and Greek
Path to store it: Virtual Music School/VMS/SecondaryDominants/Pdfs/

Basic rules of Tonal Harmony
The page with the Basic Rules of Tonal Harmony was translated into Dutch.
Path to store it: Virtual Music School/VMS/Library/Pdfs/